The competent Ministry (as of January 2022 it is the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation) publishes on its website the qualified trusted Electronic Service Providers (the link is /lenders/

Likewise, there are different digital certificate profiles valid for the electronic signature of the invoice:

  • Qualified Electronic Seal Certificate : allows electronic identification and electronic signature of entities, companies and other legal entities. Allows you to sign digitally without including representative or proxy data. It is particularly suitable for unassisted authentication and signature in automated processes, such as for example the generation of invoices.
  • Qualified certificates of natural person legal representative: allows the holder to act on behalf of the entity or organization to which he belongs.
  • Natural person certificates: applicable for freelancers and professionals, as is the case with the idCAT or the electronic DNI.

NOTE : If you have any doubts about how to sign the invoice, you should contact the support of the invoice creation program you use.

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