To create and send an invoice you must first create what is called a draft invoice . This draft invoice can be consulted, modified and deleted at any time. When this draft is sent to the public administration, that's when it stops being a draft and becomes an invoice.


Only draft invoices can be managed on the "Manual invoice creation" screen. If you want to see the invoices, go to the Consultation option of the invoice delivery portal, where you can see invoices without authentication (you will have to search with specific data to see the status of an invoice) or with identification (you will be able to see all invoices you sent)


Draft in PDF format

From a draft pending to be sent, we can have a view of the invoice in PDF format by clicking on the icon Image14.png (see draft).


Remember that this PDF document does not constitute an invoice document; although you can print it or save it on your device, it is not a valid document for submitting invoices to the public administration.


Modify draft

A pending draft can be modified by clicking the icon Imagen18.png (edit draft).


Include attachments in the draft

Attachments can be added to a pending draft by clicking the icon Image20.png (attach annexes).


Send draft

If the draft is already correct, to send it to the destination, click the icon Imagen23.png (send draft).


delete draft

To delete a draft waiting to be sent, click the icon Imagen26.png (delete draft)


Can sent drafts be consulted?

Drafts once sent are considered invoices. You can check the status of invoices sent in Consulta


If you access the invoice query "Without authentication", it will be a query of only one invoice where you will need to know certain information about the invoice:


If you access the Invoice Inquiry with certificate, you will be able to see all your invoices.