My account of the General Point of Electronic Invoices of the Public Administrations of Catalonia allows you to register as an invoice issuer, a necessary step to be able to create invoices from the e-FACT delivery box. If you generate invoices on behalf of others, you will also need to register them as issuers of the invoice.

Access with authentication

For those options that require authentication [ Image14.png ] will display the window where the corresponding information is requested from the user. Identification is allowed with idCAT Mobile, certificates, Cl@ve PIN24, among others.


How do I register as an invoice issuer?

In the main menu, click on " My account ", and the screen to identify yourself will appear.

Once identified,


you can register by clicking My account --> Issue data


Enter your details or those of the issuer you want to register by clicking "+New issuer"


Report the data depending on whether you are creating a natural person:


or legal person:


Note: PO Box e-FACT is for national individuals/legal entities. If you do not have NIF or CIF you can use other solutions for creating electronic invoices.

How to manage my invoice issuers?

In the section of " My account " -> Issue data , we can see and edit the data of the issuers we manage.

In this case, we can see and modify the data of any issuer by clicking on the Detail icon Image7.png , and we can also delete a sender by clicking on the Delete sender icon Image8.png .


Why is there a padlock on the Delivery Box?

The options that have a padlock on the screen indicate that you must be previously identified to use them.

mandatory identification